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Traffic and driving conditions
Driving conditions can often be difficult on the way to your winter sports destination due to low temperatures, icy roads, snow and heavy traffic.

Winter tyres
In Austria, failure to use winter tyres in wintry conditions may result in a fine, criminal prosecution and joint liability in accidents. This is due to the fact that not using winter tyres causes a hazard to other road users as summer tyres have less grip on the road and the braking distance is unnecessarily long.

Motorway Vignette
When driving on Austrian motorways, you must display a Motorway Vignette. This Motorway Vignette is available in Austria at all major border crossings.

LPG is very hard to get. Super Leaded is not available. Cars running on leaded petrol have to fill up with Super Plus and add a lead replacement additive (available at Austrian petrol stations). Cash payment and most larger petrol stations also accept international credit cards.

Speed limits
Cars and motorbikes: in built-up areas 50 km/h, outside built-up areas 100 km/h. On motorways 130 km/h. From 22:00 to 05:00, the speed limit is restricted to 110 km/h on the following motorways: A10 (Tauern), A12 (Inntal), A13 (Brenner) and A14 (Rheintal).

Snow chains
A circular blue road sign depicting a car tyre with snow chain indicates that the use of snow chains is compulsory. There may also be a notice below the sign stating to which vehicles the command does not apply. The same sign with a diagonal red line across it indicates that you have to remove the snow chains.


You can fly to the following airports: Innsbruck, Munich or Salzburg. Innsbruck is the closest airport. When flying to this airport, it takes approximately one hour by car to get to Königsleiten and Hochkrimml. Munich and Salzburg are well over 2 hours away by car from Königsleiten.


For transport from the airport or train station to Königsleiten or Hochkrimml:

Taxi Willi 
+43 664 3923826